Equinox Explorers Club

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The Patriot Learning Pod in collaboration with The Child Development Center are pleased to announce Equinox Explorers Club, a week long program scheduled to run during the spring break of most area school districts March 29 through April 2 for Kindergarten through third graders.

Activities will include arts and crafts, science topics, language arts, and other fun and educational activities.

* All Mason Safe Return to Campus Policies will be enforced, including the wearing of masks and a completed daily Covid-19 screening.

Equinox Explorers Club Overview

Equinox explorers will have a fantastic spring break, letting their imaginations soar!  Students will “travel” to a different continent each day and learn about our world through hands on creative projects, interactive storytelling, arts and crafts, and will have opportunities to hear from guest speakers. Explorers will also be able to further explore our world through STEM activities, gardening, and outdoor exploration. 

Our Club remains dedicated to providing a safe environment that allows children the opportunity to make friends and have fun social interactions through organized games and open-ended play! Equinox Explorers Club will provide children with meaningful experiences to realize their intellectual, social, and personal potential. 

Pack your bags and get ready for a great spring break adventure! 

2021 Theme: Around the World  

Dates: March 29th – April 2nd

Hours: 8:00am – 5:00pm

Location: Child Development Center (grades K-3)

Price: Mason – $199, non-Mason $219

Age Groups

Currently Equinox Explorers Club is open to TEN students (Kindergarten – 3rd Grade).

Lunch and Snack

Participants are required to bring their own lunch and snack that does not require onsite refrigeration. Students will have the opportunity to have snack twice a day.

Health and Safety Protocol

Please arrive ready to present your Mason Health Survey. If you are not part of the Mason Community please log in as a guest to complete your daily health check.

Please complete the daily Mason Heath Survey using this link: https://itsapps2.gmu.edu/symptom/Account/Login.

Temperatures will be taken and we will ask you to sign in at our front desk. 

If a parent has multiple children attending, they will need to do a Covid-19 screening for each child.

We will follow social distancing guidelines, hand washing protocols, cleaning protocols, and will check for the Mason Health Survey daily.


Child Development Center

Parking is available in front of the Child Development Center.


Please make sure to complete all the necessary forms before your child’s first day! To complete the forms, please click the “register here” button below!

Our program is currently at capacity and we are waitlisting new registrations.

Spring 2021 Schedule

March 29 – April 2


Equinox Explorers Club (EEC) Logistic Questions:

  • Who is eligible for EEC?  
    • Children from Mason and non-Mason families.
  • What grades will EEC cater to?  
    • This is for those in grades Kindergarten – 3rd grade.
  • Will lunch and snacks be provided?  
    • Participants are required to bring their own lunch that does not require onsite refrigeration.
  • How many children can attend EEC?
    • Our facility, The Child Development Center, can accommodate 10 children with social distancing. There are other facilities being considered should demand emerge for grades 4th – 6th.
  • Will my child participate in activities such as music, physical activity, art projects, etc.
    • Yes, EEC will be able to support these activities. Please look at our schedule to see what enriching actives we have planned that encourage social, artistic, creative, problem solving, and physical skills to flourish.

Equinox Explorers Club (EEC) Health and Safety Questions:

  • What is the mask policy?
    • Facemasks must be worn. The only time removal of a face covering is permitted is when actively eating/drinking. A face covering must cover your nose and mouth, and cannot be a gaiter, open-chin triangle handkerchief/bandana, costume mask, mesh material, or a covering with an exhalation valve or holes. Face shields are not permitted as a substitute for a face covering but may be worn in addition to a face covering.
  • Are masks or other COVID measures required?
    • All Mason safe return to campus policies will be enforced, including the wearing of masks.
  • Can Equinox Explorers Club staff administer medicines to children?
    • Staff will not be administering medicine at EEC. Since our timelines are so tight setting this program up we are unable to offer the training needed for staff to be able to administer medicine.
  • My child has a food allergy. How do I handle this with EEC?
    • Parents must make staff aware of any and all food allergies or dietary restrictions affecting their child. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their child’s home-provided food and drink are appropriate for their child’s needs. The CDC is not equipped to manage allergies or dietary restrictions.

Equinox Explorers Club (EEC) Staff Questions:

  • How many staff will be on premises?
    • EEC will maintain two staff members for 10 children in grades Kindergarten – 3rd grade. 
  • What are staff qualifications?
    • Staff are all qualified individuals. Some are Mason students and others are non-Mason. All employees have worked extensively with youth and youth programs. Some staff have teaching experience and are well qualified to apply their knowledge of best practices to design a curriculum that will be meaningful and engaging.
  • Does staff undergo a background check?
    • Yes, all staff undergo Mason’s standard employment background check.