The PLP provides a proctored space where children can connect to their school’s learning management system to complete coursework.

Staff are available to help with basic wireless connectivity, facilitate check in and check out, and accompany students on short breaks outside. Staff should not be expected to assist with LMS access or coursework.

Because of facility and staff limitations the PLP is unable to offer recess, assistance with coursework, space to participate in loud or disruptive activities such as music lessons, messy activities such as art classes, etc. Parents are welcome to pack a book or other quiet activity their child can independently participate in during breaks or other downtimes.

What we provide

  • Basic COVID sanitation supplies, including disposable masks if a student forgets one
  • Socially distant workspaces
  • Power sources for laptops (to avoid tripping hazards, we cannot ensure constant access to outlets)

What you should bring

  • Charged laptop or device
  • Device power cord
  • Headphones
  • Sack lunch (no refrigeration faculties are available)
  • Quiet break activities
  • Seasonally appropriate clothing for short breaks on the patio
  • Mask (required)
  • Change of clothing (optional)

Full details of the PLP’s services and rules can be found in the parent handbook.